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Our founder Joel Pratt was always interested in the world of digital marketing. From the beginning during his years of study, he specialized in this area. Fascinated with everything the internet had to offer, his interest in marketing grew, and little by little he got small jobs to position some websites.

His popularity among clients grew, which prompted him to prepare himself further. He took several specialization courses in digital marketing while he was taking his regular classes at the university.

During this time of hard work and study, he met people with whom he shared the same interests in digital marketing. That’s when Joel Pratt began to be invited to speak at conferences about this subject.

He then decided to share his knowledge by giving courses to all those who wanted to continue learning. One day, he realized that he wanted to share with those who were not so professional and wanted to start in this world, but did not know how to begin.

Therefore, he created ad-CLiX magazine to share information completely free to all digital marketing and SEO lovers of both the United Kingdom and around the world. In addition, the magazine allowed him to share some important data and advice about the information he shares in his conferences and courses.

ad-CLiX is one of the number 1 online magazines in the UK. The enormous amount of visits it receives every day proves that the knowledge Joel Pratt has acquired during all these years of study and hard work has not been in vain.

Many students from various universities in the country write to him asking for some tips on how to make a website grow exposure on search engines. In addition, he receives weekly invites to teach private courses in recognized companies and Start-ups in the country.

For our founder, the most important thing in digital marketing is teamwork. It is not possible to achieve great results on your own, it is essential to surround yourself with people who drive you and compliment you with your weaknesses and strengths.