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Learning through videos or YouTube tutorials is simply wonderful. A technological breakthrough makes it easier for us to explore new things.

Below you can read a review of some of YouTube’s channels on digital marketing where you can learn more about this area and receive some tips and advice. Learn how to get the most out of this wonderful platform.

Jay Baer

In this channel, Jay, who is an author and founder of multi-million dollar companies, focuses on marketing leadership and offers inspirational advice.

David Bain

David explains the different digital marketing strategies that you should employ in your business to achieve success.

Micahel Hyatt

Best-selling author of “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World,” this digital marketing guru offers great practical advice on both leadership and motivation.

Koozai Channel

This digital marketing company has a team of creative people who are in high demand around the world. They cover topics such as SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing.

Social Triggers

Derek Halpern is the creator of this channel. Here you will find a mix of personal case studies, academic research, and marketing to attract traffic.

Digital Marketing Institute Channel

In this channel, you will find the best digital marketing courses. They use different teaching methods, making the learning process fun and exciting.

Patt Flynn

His content is really inspiring and fun. He has all the information you need to build a productive marketing lifestyle.

Savvy Sexy Social

Amy Schmittauer has a lot of content related to social media. She teaches you how to focus on different channels to improve your business. She helps people become better digital marketing professionals.

Lisa Irby

She´s one of the most successful self-made entrepreneurs. Her videos focus on content marketing, SEO tips while informing you about the latest developments in the world of marketing.

Kimberly Ann Jimenez

She teaches about marketing, SEO, and business to everything go her way. She will guide you on how to use specific SEO tools, reach specific audiences, and how to create great content that will be attractive to potential customers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the official YouTube channel that teaches how actually to use YouTube for digital marketing. Here you can stay informed with all the program updates.

These YouTube channels have become a fundamental reference for all digital marketing enthusiasts. A great help full of tips and advice to grow within this area.